Looked At Apartments In Henderson NV Before Finding The Perfect One

I was looking to move out of the apartment I was living in. I moved in with another person that was looking for a roommate. I didn’t know much about them when I moved in and I didn’t really check around. It was something I kind of just jumped into without thinking. After living there for about a month, I decided I couldn’t take it much longer. My new roommate didn’t want to clean up after herself and was really loud and obnoxious. She was on midnight shift and on nights she didn’t have to work, she was up late with music on loud. I had to work through the day and was losing a good bit of sleep because of it.

I finally decided that I had enough and I started searching for apartments in Henderson NV for rent. I wasn’t obligated to fulfill the lease because her name was on everything. I searched around to find an apartment that was affordable for me. I looked in the newspaper, classified ads online and also website that have apartments for rent on them. I found a few that I wanted to look at in person and made arrangements with the landlord to look at them.

After looking at a few of the apartments in henderson nv that were affordable, I chose the one that I thought would be best to live in. It was in a decent area and the other tenants were older and I didn’t think they would be up all night playing music. This apartment was the perfect size and close to work too. It was great all around.

After I got home from paying the deposit on the apartment, I broke the news to my roommate that I was going to be moving out. I let her know it wasn’t anything personal but we were on different schedules and it just wasn’t working out for me any longer. She said that she was a little upset I didn’t let her know earlier, but she was okay with it and said she would find someone else to move in.

I got my things packed and moved out within a day or two. I was so happy to get back on a normal sleeping schedule and not be bothered with the loud music and noise at night like it was there.

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